What's in the Hatch? The Don'ts

Is this how we're going out, with Vice championing the cause of One-half Nelson and Laidie Magenta? Gavin McInnes, say it ain't so! But there they are on the Do page, in-appropriately-the Horror issue. The caption reads:

What a surprise twist ending. You know, we've kind of learned something from doing this here little website. If you want to be known, all you have to do is be out there. That's all it really takes. It's the same reason why a Neckface or any other tag artist gets notoriety: because all they do is write their name over and over until you're forced to know them. And now Neckface is selling art to Beck and being commissioned to design T-shirts for the Cartoon Network. What a simple branding idea.

It's the same thing in the case of 1/2N and LM, but they added a nice little touch: they're jackasses. Not only are they out there day in and day out, but they're out there being ridiculous. It's a committment. They are dedicated to being jackasses. When the bowl is shaped and the glasses go on every morning (and there are no days off), One-half Nelson is a star, damn it. That's what he tells himself, and it'll work, too. Does anyone doubt that they'll achieve some level of fame just for being out there and doing their thing, which is essentially nothing? We don't. Blue states lost.

thinking out loud

I should probably start a pirate radio station. Or, I should have in high school. That would have lent me the mysterious air that I really needed back then. I was very open bookish. And also, very just plain bookish.

Last week's Six Feet Under was really disturbing. If you haven't watched it yet, don't do it before bed. Just a suggestion.

It must be really sweet, working on a cable show.

To the lovely person who found themsleves here by searching "Charla and Mirna are bitches", thumbs up. They totally are.

Now that I consider it further, I bet starting a pirate radio station at any point in life is awesome. Like, I'd respect the elderly much more if they were sticking it to the man, radio-style. Not that I don't respect the elderly now. But who doesn't want more respect?