A Note to Those Who Care, or, Hi Mom!

Friends, we'll make this relatively quick and painless. Surely you've noticed the lack of content being heaped on bloggyland by this website lately. Some have even e-mailed us asking what's up. Well, there's no sexy answer - we're just really really busy. And, unfortunately, that's not going to change, due to recent employment shifts. And these bandwidth issues have really been a nail in the coffin, so we're calling it quits effective Friday, just short of our two-year anniversary.

It seems a little ridiculous that this blog has gone on for this long, surviving off nothing but our boredom with day jobs. We've had three L.A. correspondents and nearly 2,000 posts. We've pumped out material almost every weekday (I think we missed only two or three days before last week) for almost two years. We'd love to know the site's total word count, if only to cry at the fact that we've written novels worth of bullshit. And what do we have to show for it? Well, this recent e-mail kinda just says it all:

Ah, you see? It has been worth it! We did it.

Most of you will be wondering about the fate of our big-with-them Blue States Lose column, and rest assured, it will live on. It has to. We're taking the weekly Friday post to a different site, one you may have heard of. It begins with a "G," ends with an "R" and almost, almost rhymes with motherfucker. So that's that. We're finishing out the week (if bandwidth allows), and then, we'll see you around. And just to keep our Sitemeter numbers up in our absence, we'll leave you for now with this: Dear Google, Lindsay Lohan nude.