Tragedy strikes cbs thursday, mcchez's car

Scene. The Employees are gathered at my mother's house. It's around 8:50 pm, and we're getting ready to rehearse a few skits for our upcoming production, (Boom! at the McCadden Place Theatre). Suddenly, there is a thud outside. Convinced someone is simply throwing threatening messages at us via brick, Footloose-stizz, I remain seated. (I will NOT be intimidated). The more reasonable Matlock, McChez, and Rasheed head outside to investigate the commotion, which turns out not to be mortar-work, but a fallen tree. A fallen tree that is now resting atop Matlock and McChez's respective vehicles. Mostly McChez's.

At the time, it seemed like a random act of God. But upon returning home and viewing my TiVO'd episode of Big Brother, I knew this was no coincidence. The heavens were clearly angry at the continuing success of the unholy Four Horsemen alliance, and miscalculated their wrath by a mile or so. As the Employees were standing about, amazed by the destruction before them, Jase and Scott were safe and sound at Radford, crimping their hair and laughing.

Oh, the humanity.

more famous people taking stands

Famous, infamous, what have you...

the effort these beautiful men have put in, just to bring you what appears to be the stage version of last year's flop sequel, havana nightsRoy Horn is being mauled by the bureaucratic process. Rehabiliting tiger-trainer and his doting partner Siegfried Fischbacher have closed their long-running show, but have been instrumental in finding a group flamboyant, manicured, and careless enough to take their place in Vegas's black heart. Their choice: a 53-member Cuban troupe called "Havana Nightclub". Unfortunately for the pair, their dreams of a latin dance spectacle are being gnawed away by baseball-playing un-killable commie-cat Castro. He's blocked the troupe's visas, leaving old Sieggi and Roy no choice but to despair.

Oh, and despair they have. For like, a minute! You can't supress the...unsupressable spirit of Tiger accident survivors! Minute two these plucky fellas started a letter-writing campaign, and they're going straight to the top with this one. We're talking Pennsylvania Ave. Why put themselves out there like this? "Because they think there should be no political boundaries when it comes to art and dance." Especially when that art and dance comes wrapped in a tight-bunned feisty little cuban package.