What, no sheepdog trials?

it's a good thing we trained the dogs to do this sheepherding thing. there are a lot of sheep about!TV experts have managed to whittle down England's long and illustrious history of riveting television content into a list of the 50 most influential shows in British Broadcasting history. Hard to imagine that's possible, and even more hard to believe that they were forced to leave out such classics as "What the Fuck are the Royals Doing?" and "Bangers and Mash!"

I kid, I kid. The Brits have obviously produced a few things that were good, that were of course then stolen and made shitty by us. But still, I've been there, and I've seen the round the clock snooker. I know they're televising a lot of crap. Let me rephrase: I know they're televising a lot of crap that isn't interesting/distasteful/crappy enough to make it watchable.

This probably makes them better people than us. More active, less tied to programming schedules and the damned storage space limits of TiVo. Or, if not, at least it gives them more free time to ogle the too hot for the U.S. Will Smith wang shots at their local cineplex.

morning clips: letting celebrities shape our political views edition

Sure, I could tell you what I think about politics, this election, and the general state of the world, but why bother when the pretty faces of Hollywood have already said it?

- USA Today claims that celebrities have started a war against Bush. While the article features such illuminating quotes as: "Artists like to see themselves as anti-war," "You score points in Hollywood by being outlandish, so there's a publicity aspect to this," and "Fahrenheit 9/11 has further rallied celebs, many who 'aren't deep intellectual thinkers,' all I get from this story is Waging Personal War on Bush = Hot! Hot! Hot!

- So you've never voted, eh? Well neither has hunky, oscar-winning, Bourne Supremacy star Matt Damon! You two have so much in common, from your dashing good looks to your million dollar paychecks and your lack of civic responsibility. You might as well just follow through on this comparison, and vote for John Kerry. Matt plans to. In fact, he thinks this might be the most politically critical moment in your parallel lifetimes. Wow! That's thrilling and sexy. It's thexy.

-Did you know that Jessica Alba has perfect abs, AND an uncle in Iraq? It's true! She's so worried about her uncle she is even considering going against her republican family in the upcoming election. Possibly thinking for herself and only 23 years old...she's an inspiration to us all.